Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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I agree...creativity is GONE in radio and therefor, we have "cookie-cutter radio" a term coined from the recent past due to mega-consolidation. I still search the AM broadcast band for "mom & pop" stations, hoping to hear some decent, lively, INTERESTING programming...and there's very little of that any more. There are two religious stations here in Mobile that have refused to sell out, WLVV and WMOB. Both broadcast national and local programming and are still programmed locally, with local Mobile flavor.

As for searching the FM band, it's almost all music...and, when traveling, I have only heard ONE FM talk radio station, other than a sports talk show here in Mobile on 105.5, WNSP. Not being a big sports follower, I don't tune there, but it's a lot of talk about national sports news, Mobile flavor. Other than that, with only local ad spots on radio stations, there's NOTHING interesting to tune to. I mean, how many ways can you hear a screaming car sales ad, etc.?

I'll just keep twiddling the dial...maybe some mom & pop out there will buy back the local radio station somewhere where it's not making enough cashola for the big boys and return to down-home local broadcasting. THAT will be more interesting to me, to hear what's going on several states away in a little community, rather than hear the same programming over and over again, coast-to-coast! Bud, Mobile, AL

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BTW, A.J., I did some programming for both WLVV and WMOB when I went to a particular church here in Mobile...our services were broadcast on both stations, Mon-Fri twice daily on WMOB and once Sat. on WLVV...I did the production, etc. for the programs, all the voice-overs, commercials, etc., whatever needed to be done for the particular programs and it was a HOOT! I really enjoyed it, got paid well and did it for over three years...good experience for a layman. And my Ham radio experience came in handy a time or two, as well, from time to time..I guess the "voice" I had to develop to talk on the air clearly was one of my assets, in that respect. Bud, Mobile, AL