Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Record Shops and KAAY

I have written several posts about Stan's Record Shop, 728 Tesas Street, Shreveport, LA. Do a search of this blog for some very interesting posts.

Ron had sent me an aircheck of XELO a 150,000 watt station in Mexico. Listen to the player in the upper far right. (There seemed to be no limit to wattage in Mexico) This check reminded me of another record shop we advertised for on KAAY. It was Floyd's Record Shop, Ville Platte, LA. We always spelled out V-I-L-L-E P-L-A-T-T-E Louisiana. Interestingly Floyd's Record Shop is still there and tour buses go out of their way to visit Floyd's. If you read through the history: http://www.floydsrecordshop.com/Our-History-W7.aspx you will find a reference to advertising on KAAY.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, boy! XELO, Monterrey, Mexico! That brings back memories! That was one of the many stations I "DX'ed" (heard at a distance) when I dialed the AM broadcast band, when I was 9 or 10 years young! I still have my little log pages and I look them over every now and then, remembering. If only I'd have recorded things back then...but, we didn't HAVE a tape recorder of any type in our home...just records and radios....Bud, Mobile, AL