Sunday, December 14, 2008

DRM.....Do You know about them you care?

Life was so much simpler in the days of top 40 KAAY. No internet, emails, digital technology. All the Ampex's had tubes. I think one of the newer models we got was solid state. The console was tube and had rotary knobs for the faders.

There wasn't much taping of music off the radio because the quality wasn't real good and the jocks talked over the music intro to the songs.

What is amazing to me is a record cost a buck. Today a download from Itunes cost a buck. The record did have a flip side which was usually filler. Occasionally, the DJs rebelled and like the flip side better and made it a hit. No flip sides on iTunes.

The record companies are so paranoid about digital music the dreaded DMR surfaced fully supported my Microsoft. (DMR-Digital Music Rights).

So what does the future hold? Here is a great article that is lengthy but does give us real insight into the future:


Anonymous said...

A.J., what concerns me is the artists...they go to the trouble of making music, then the record labels manage their music, and it seems to me that both make plenty of money. If you perform and promote, SURE, you should get paid. But, how does the music get there for free in the first place? Maybe bootlegging? I don't know, I rarely download anything unless it's special (like KAAY audio spots!)...I'm not technically savvy in many ways of the computer/music relation; it's something I'll have to learn more about. My kids can do it, no problem, but they have plenty of free time, it seems!

Bottom line is, no one should have to work for free...but, if they want to donate their talents, it's up to them. What concerned me a number of years ago, during the Clinton administration, I believe, is where they (Clintons) wanted to GIVE AWAY intellectual property, which would have effectively given one's ideas away for other words, if you'd have thought of a new widget, you had no claim to it when you applied for a patent- the government had the right to give it away to anyone who wanted to manufacture that item, and you'd be left without any income. FORTUNATELY, that didn't happen, but it was socialism right down to the "idea" level!

Do we want this to occur? I say, NO!" in both and all cases...if you produce something, you should get paid for it. But, if the record companies want to cash in on the "free music", they'll have to restructure their ways of doing business. Bud, Mobile, AL

vdog said...

KAAY is currently airing UALR women's basketball games. It was a
big surprise to me when I heard they were airing it. They give 12,000 reasons why the basketball games are aired. One is the number of students. The current KAAY is hoping to reach a bigger audience after the games are over.
For a schedule go to and click on the women's schedule and find out when these games will air on KAAY.