Sunday, December 28, 2008

Instincts Comment

I read your comments about having the right instinct to play certain records. I found this out the hard way. We had an oldies station, WFYR, in Chicago who decided to have a live first anniversary show in 1974. It was in the evening. I was asked to schedule the music to be played. They told me to schedule a sequences of two fast and then one slow record because that way people would be more likely to dance. I guess my idea of fast songs isn't what the audience thought was good dancing music. The lesson I learned was not to use the records which were my own personal favorites. Very few people danced, and I felt it was my fault because I knew nothing about dancing. I was an amateur trying to do the job of a professional. It's not as easy as everyone believes. I wonder if any of our readers have ever had a similar experience? Jimmy Clanton and Fabian were the guests that night, and somehow I managed to forget to tell them I was responsible for the dancing part of the show being a flop.


Ron Henselman Melrose Park, IL W9FT
Dances are never as easy as they look. It takes more than just instinct. Then there are some groups who will not dance regardless of the music. If I were doing a one time only dance, I would try to learn as much as I could about the audience. In preparing for a wedding reception dance, weeks before the event, I ask the bride and groom all sorts of questions....their favorite music, etc. When I started the dance, someone came up and ask where the Cajun music was. NO ONE had mentioned the grooms side of the family was largely Cajun. Fortunately, wedding reception dances are short and pay well.

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