Friday, December 12, 2008

My Favorite KAAY Jingle

We had lots of jingle packages at KAAY. Pams, TM, and others. My favorite is a Sonovox jingle in the player to the far right. We did several edits to shorten it and even had an instrumental version. To me it needs to be the full length.

I knew the jingles were working, when you would drive the mobile unit down the street. Kids would see it and sing "KAAY Tune Ten Ninety" back at you.

Jingles were extremely important to stations and advertisers. They built images for both that live on to this day. Stations and advertisers are missing a great opportunity. Coke for years was so good at it that one of their advertising jingles became a top 40 hit. Then they started using current artists to do a jingle in their style. Today, if a station has jingles they are shotgun type that do nothing to build an image. Today's programmers are so orentated to seeing how many songs they can play in a row. They will never be able to beat the Ipod so why not get back to building an image for a station that is so good, listeners will devote some of their time to the station.
Here is the link for recording:

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