Monday, December 01, 2008

Finally Found It

I have been looking for this since the starting of the Thanksgiving season. On your far right is a player with what Mike McCormick a/k/a Jim Hankins called a "seasonal". It was a production element to set the stage for the season. Note this one runs 1 minute and 20 seconds. Jim wrote this and it aired as KAAY had been on the air barely 3 months. The voices are newsmen B.Bruce Jenkins and George J. Jennings.

Here is the link if you want to save it to your computer:



Anonymous said...

A.J. no longer do you hear the spectacular music on radio, as heard here on this (and other past) promos. Seems like all you hear is the latest (c)rap artist(?) offering or such other cruddy "popular" fare as a music bed. Maybe I'm gettin' old, but maybe, just MAYBE, I prefer quality music, like found on this promo!

I certainly hope more of these are found; if THIS was played on modern radio, maybe I'd listen to more MUSIC stations! Bud, Mobile, AL

vdog said...

A tradition that started on KAAY is still going strong today. It is the Toys for Tots campaign at toy hill in War Memorial Park. It will be Dec. 5th-7th. Bob Robbins has kept this drive alive after all these years. It was originally done by Sonny Martin (Matt White). Bob must have taken it over when he was still at KAAY.