Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Comment Killer

Wow. Yesterday's discussion of CDs was a real comment killer. No one seemed to have a comment and hits were down.

Today is one of those days I woke up without a direction for this blog. I often depend on comments for a direction. They give me an idea on where to go.

We have talked about Toys for Tots which started with Richard Weithan a/k/a Buddy Karr and I asked who did the next Toys For Tots after Richards tragic death. No one has answered so let me ask it again and ask that you leave a comment on the comment line below.

Approximately 50 people a day visit this blog and leave without leaving a comment. Today even if you have nothing to say, just click on the comments and say "hi".

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, A.J. I'LL comment! It floored me to know that CD's are curruptable, but, then, anything can and will be!

I've found that some stuff I've downloaded to CD will not play on a CD player, but will play on the CD player of a computer.

I also have many cassette tapes that have been stored for a number of years...about 20 or so...and I can still pull one out, put it in a CLEAN machine & still enjoy the recording, BUT, if CD's are going to deteriorate before the CDs, then I may transfer my CDs over to cassette! Bud, Mobile, AL